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Manufactures suggested retail price: US$ 3499.00


  • 24 motorized 100mm touch-sensitive Alps faders with 10Bit internal resolution (1024 steps) and scalable midi resolution (7-14 Bit) depending on the Host software requirements.
  • Bank swapping to access all additional channels.
  • 53 digital, endless, velocity sensitive rotary knobs dedicated to panning, EQ and dynamics controls and effect send levels.
  • 155 quality tactile switches
  • 146 large status LEDs
  • 24 channels of dedicated rotary controls for panning
  • Each of the 24 channels have 4 switches and LEDs for Solo, Mute and Channel Select and Soft. The Soft switch can be used to control Record Enable, Automation Modes and Functions, and several additional parameters including Phase and Track Archive depending on the host software.
  • In addition each channel has dedicated Aux effect send controls, dynamics and equalizer controls and plug in controls all made active by the channel Select switch for the desired channel.
  • All control surface faders, switches and rotary knobs can be reassigned to other functions depending on the host software and utilizing our special interface, select supported hosts can have multiple control assignments that go way beyond normal Bank swapping to offer an almost unlimited numbers of assignable functions that are instantly accessible. Even the generic mode can control and keep track of close to 1000 controllers per 24channel bank.
  • The M24 has 10 switches that are used for mode select and include functions for Zoom, Grouping, Markers, Plug In mode select, Utility and Function modes and LCD and pan modes depending on host software.
  • The M24 has input and output assignment capabilities as well.

Transport Controls:

  • 5 Transport switches with status LEDs for Forward, Rewind, Stop, Play, Record
  • Jog /Scrub wheel for navigation to any position in the song and audio scrubbing
  • Scrub switch with status LED to activate the scrub function
  • 5 Navigation, Selection switches to navigate through windows, menus and parameters


  • 40 character x 4 line backlit (LCD) display for scribble strip channel names and in depth parameter information


  • 3 MIDI in and 3 MIDI out connectors
  • 1 USB connector
  • 1 25 pin accessory connector
  • 1 IEC320 Power connector for standard power cords

Power supply:

  • Two massive internal international switching power supplies (100-250V)
  • Rear-mounted power switch

Weight and Construction:

  • Dimensions: 37.5 (W) x 16.5 (D) x 6 (H) (952.5mm x 419.1mm x 152.4mm)
    (without armrest or wood trim accessories)
  • Heavy Duty 16 gauge (1.57mm) steel chassis
  • Weight 38 lbs or 17.6 kg (unpacked) without armrest or wood trim accessories