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Select, Solos, Mutes and Soft Switches


The M24 has dedicated Channel Select, Solo, and Mute switches, 24 each that correspond to the same on screen channel functions in the host software depending on the current bank. The Solo and Mute switches are always active and 24 Soft switches are software assignable and assigned to different functions depending on the host software. The Soft switches are usually assigned to Record Enable functions. The Soft switches also usually double for automation arm, automation mode and punch control depending on the current mode of automation and the host software. Depending on the host software the Solo and Mute switches are also capable of additional functions. The Channel Select switch is used to select the current active channel assigned to the remaining controls for effect sends (aux buses), dynamics, EQ and plug in controls.





Bank and Channel Swap


            The M24 faders, pan controls, solos, mutes and soft controls remain active at once assigned in a bank of 24 channels. The M24 can swap the control assignments in banks of 24 channels at a time and many of the supported software hosts can also shift the 24 assigned channels up or down one channel at a time. To do a 24 channel bank swap you use the BANK SWAP left, right arrow switches. If you are in the first bank the M24 faders are assigned to tracks 1-24. If you press the right BANK SWAP arrow switch once, the M24 faders would be reassigned to represent channels 25-48 in a song with over 24 tracks and the faders would move to match the new bank's on screen fader positions. If you press the left arrow the M24 faders would be reassigned back to tracks 1-24 and move to represent that change.  (The project must have more than 24 total faders for the Bank Swap to work) If you press the BUSS 8 / CHANNEL switch and light the corresponding BUSS 8 / CHANNEL led, you will change the function of the BANK SWAP switches into channel shift switches. In the channel shift mode the BANK SWAP left, right arrow switches will shift the 24 M24 fader assignments up or down by one channel every time one of the BANK SWAP arrow switches are pressed. If you started with the M24 faders assigned to Cakewalk tracks 1-24 and you pressed the right BANK SWAP arrow switch while the BUSS 8 / CHANNEL led is lit, the M24 faders would now be reassigned to Cakewalk tracks 2-25 and the M24 faders would move to represent the on screen fader values.