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Equalizer Controls


       The M24 is the first control surface to feature a complete dedicated equalizer section with 12 controls divided into 4 bands. Controls are provided for Gain, Frequency and Width on each band with a band bypass and EQ type switch for each band. A soft control is provided for access to additional bands assigned in pages (software dependent) or for use as a trim control. Depending on the host software the EQ section can be configured to control a large number of software plug in effects with the ability to use the same common controls for similar functions in effects from different manufacturers across all channels. Imagine having one type of plug in EQ on several channels and another type on several channels and with the push of one switch you could jump from channel to channel and be able to instantly use the same familiar controls to control similar plug in functions.


Transport and Navigation Controls


      The M24 has traditional tape style transport controls with additional controls for navigation, selection, editing, menu control and parameter adjustment.


Jog Shuttle Data Wheel


       The M24 features a large jog, shuttle control that can be used for audio scrubbing, shuttling and navigation. Audio Scrubbing is similar to rocking the reels back and forth on an analog tape recorder and is used during editing to help locate the start or end points of a sound.


Zoom, Grouping and Mode Control


       The M24 has 10 switches that are used for mode select and include functions for Zoom, Grouping, Markers, Plug In mode select, Utility and Function modes and LCD and pan modes depending on host software. The M24 has input and output assignment capabilities as well.





Back panel connections


       The M24 has 3 midi in and 3 midi out connectors to allow for multi program use or emulation of three eight channel controllers. The accessory connector is for planned future options. The USB connector provides a high-speed connection to the host software. The USB connector is also used for software updates and several planned advanced features. The M24 has two massive internal international switching power supplies because motorized faders require well-regulated power to operate reliably. The M24 uses a standard universal power cord.