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The Mixed Logic M24 dedicated remote control surface provides familiar hands on control for the computer based audio production environment. The M24 offers a traditional recording console style interface designed to integrate with your favorite digital audio software and provide the best of both the virtual and physical worlds. The M24 will complement your existing recording software, improve your efficiency and enhance the recording experience.


Channel Faders                                                                                                                                  


            The M24 has 24 motorized faders assigned in banks to control the on-screen faders in the host software. If you move a channel fader the corresponding on-screen fader will follow the movement and moving any on-screen fader in the current bank will move the corresponding M24 fader to match the corresponding position. The M24 faders can also create or update automation. The fader range is in steps as fine as .1 DB. The M24 faders can control audio track faders, master faders, effect returns and aux inputs, group and volume levels of midi tracks in the normal mode. In flip mode or by reassignment, faders can control just about any other function. Moving any fader will cause the LCD display to display the corresponding fader's channel name and control name and fader value on the top line of the LCD display and update the corresponding channel scribble.


Pan Controls


            The M24 has 24 rotary controls for use as pan controls that correspond to the on-screen pan controls in the current selected bank. The pan controls can also double for other functions depending on the host software.


Aux Send Controls, Dynamics


            The top row of the M24 has 16 rotary controls and 16 switches and LEDs for auxiliary effect send control and dynamics control. The number of available auxiliary send controls per channel depends on the current host software. All 16 controls can also double for other functions including plug ins depending on the host software. Each channel in the current bank has a select switch that is used to make the Aux Sends, dynamics and EQ and plug in controls active for the selected channel. The 16 switches in the top row are used for Pre / Post select or dynamics functions and double for Window select modes, Function switch modes and Aux send mutes.