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LCD Display and Scribble Strip


            The M24 features a 40 character by 4-line LCD display. The top row of the LCD display usually is used to display the most recent control and value including a long channel name, long control name and continuously updated control value. The next three lines of the display usually are used to display the abbreviated channel names for all 24 channels active in the current bank and act as channel scribble strips. Line 2 is for faders 1- 8, line 3 is 9- 16 and line 4 is 17- 24. The LCD has many additional modes and menus depending on the current host software. The P1 in the far right of the first row indicates the current page of controls that are active. The M24 has the ability to reassign just about every control on the unit instantly to other functions in several pages allowing the use of faders and other controls for very extensive control of plug ins and controllable instruments (software dependent) extending the total number of available controls.




Fader Flip Modes


The M24 has a SWAP switch below the Transport controls that is used to swap the channel faders function to control the Aux Buss effect send levels for the currently selected send or the pan values if in Pan Flip mode. In send flip mode the pan controls can become send pan controls and send mutes are also available.


                Supported features depend on availability and access within the host software. Check the list of supported features for your host application to be sure a feature is available. New features are added daily so the current list may not reflect the most recent additions. If you require a feature that is not listed please email us and we will try to add it in the future if possible.

            Mixed Logic reserves the right to change and update specifications as needed without notice.

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